One of Europe’s Best-Kept Secrets: Why Wales Deserves a Spot on Your Vacation List

Wales is easily one of Europe’s best-kept secrets — it offers nearly all the components of the most desirable family destinations, but with none of the crowds. The country has stunning natural scenery, charming and historic castles straight out of European fairy tales, a variety of active and outdoor pursuits, and, shockingly, some of the…

Tangier, Morocco: An Easy Day Trip to Africa From Spain

Tangier, Morocco

I’ve taken my girls all around the world. And my mother never blinked an eye until Morocco. She had a really tough time with Morocco. She couldn’t really tell me why. She was just worried. I think it was that whole dark, sultry Africa thing … better known as the unknown.

Morocco. more specifically Tangier, is the only traveling many people will ever do in Africa. It was never on the top of my list. We were headed to Spain, and when my husband realized it was only about an hour’s trip by ferry, the deal was done. Africa!